ststansathleticeagleThe Saint Stanislaus Athletic Association provides a positive atmosphere for promoting youth athletic activities through sportsmanship, good citizenship, discipline, teamwork, strong minds, and healthy bodies. All sports activities are undertaken to encourage maximum participation, with the level and length of the competition commensurate with the physical and emotional development of each child.

Important Notes and News:

  • Do you like to bake? Do you want to support St. Stanislaus Athletics? Well, here’s your opportunity! We welcome you to donate your own desserts and snacks to be sold at any of our basketball home games, and all proceeds will benefit our teams.
  • Children from all Chicopee Catholic Parishes, not just Saint Stanislaus, are eligible to play on the Saint Stanislaus Athletic Association’s teams. So, please be sure to share this news with your friends and neighbors.

Registration forms are available below:

Kinder Soccer Registration Form

Grades 1-8 Soccer Registration Form

Board of Directors

President/Treasurer: Tina Elmer
Vice-President: Steve Negron
Asst Secretary: Erica Gelinas
Equipment Manager: Mike Gelinas
Baseball Coordinator: Brian Bushey
Soccer & Basketball Coordinator: Steve Negron
Ski Club Coordinator: Susan Keser
Webmaster: Chris Corridan

Contact us at
or (413) 592-5135